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Right people
in the right seats

Our ideology is that technical skills are important, but the person’s compatibility with us is more important. We believe in putting the right people in the right seats and keeping a harmonious dynamic in our departments. Specific technical skills can be learned, but the chemistry between people is harder to ignore.

Employee Value Proposition

People, not jobs.
Team players with a purpose.

At Grapefruit, our core principle is reflected in “People, not jobs”. The three foundational pillars that shape our identity are valuing individuals over roles, taking on impactful projects, and fostering a team united with a common purpose.

Our culture, pulsating with values like fairness, team play, performance, and accountability, seeks not only to employ, but to empower. Each Grapefruit member represents more than a role; they are integral to a meaningful journey.

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Working together
to achieve greatness


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We are everywhere and that makes us stronger, together. Even from a distance, we are a team full of enthusiasm, built of people who strive to become the best versions of themselves through constant improvement and effective communication.


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    Although we are different, we are together oriented towards the same goal: to offer the best experiences and to make every day a reason to learn and improve as a team.

    Our All-Star Crew

    The people behind our success

    Collaboration and communication are key to our success, and our all-star crew is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to any challenge.




    Customer Success

    Digital Marketing




    Georgiana Dragomir

    CEO & Shareholder

    Georgiana Dragomir

    Meet Georgiana
    Anca Teletin

    COO & Shareholder

    Anca Teletin

    Meet Anca
    Flavian Cristea


    Flavian Cristea

    Meet Flavian
    Iuliana Agafiței

    Customer Success Manager

    Iuliana Agafiței

    Meet Iuliana
    Mircea Muraru

    Team Leader

    Mircea Muraru

    Meet Mircea
    Grapefruit | User Experience & Digital Creative Agency

    We are an End-to-End
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    We specialize in crafting exceptional digital user experiences that solve business challenges and skyrocket growth through comprehensive projects and campaigns (UX & UI, software development, digital marketing).

    All with a human touch.

    Proudly serving both Fortune 100 companies and SMEs operating in 10 different industries.

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