Forecasting for better and more sustainable business decisions

In the fall of 2020, we said “yes” to an incredibly innovative project that has a positive impact on the world that we live in. Ogre AI is a B2B tool dedicated to all producers, suppliers, and distributors from the energy industry.

Forecasting for better and more sustainable  business decisions

Bringing value into
the energy industry

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the forecasting and operational support tool predicts with maximum accuracy the required energy quantities and price evolutions, leading to reduced costs in the balancing market.

Bringing value into <br/>the energy industry

From MVP to a stable app

After the app has proven the business case and got the full attention of the investors, we started rewriting everything, building a solid infrastructure.

Grapefruit had ownership of the entire user experience and interface design, as well as turning these into nice front-end code.

Following the launch of the MVP, our team designed a full identity to reflect the app’s evolution and new user flows. As the platform gained traction in the market, we also created a presentation website for Ogre AI and all the necessary marketing collateral. This way, all business stakeholders and users will get a very clear vision of how Ogre AI will help them.

From MVP to a stable app
Way of Working

A lean approach for
delivering a heavy data app

To ensure that the platform was user-friendly and effective, we utilized fast wireframing and prototyping techniques. We tested these prototypes with the team and with a few utility companies to gather feedback and make adjustments.

To design the dashboards and layouts for Ogre AI’s platform, we had to carefully consider the API architecture and find ways to effectively display all the data. We used MUI (material user interface) as a foundation for our solution, but also created many custom components to best meet the needs of the platform.

With a large amount of data exchange, whether from API requests, form submissions, or custom objects to handle our state, Yup has proven to be the right JavaScript Object Schema Validator and Object Parser to use with React. Yup made things easier when it comes to validating the data our app consumes without interfering with the rest of our business logic.

Since Matei (Ogre AI, CEO) has been highly focused on designing a smooth user experience for the users, we had plenty of charts in order to communicate, in an easy to grasp way, specific energy industry KPIs. This is where Lightweight Charts library has helped a lot with trading views like the chart we designed.

A lean approach for <br />delivering a heavy data app
Business challenge & solution

Innovation within
the energy industry

Ogre AI offers a product that targets four sectors in the energy industry: electricity, gas, water, and district heating. Each sector has its challenges and forecast management needs, such as predicting solar and wind energy, detecting anomalies, estimating network losses, forecasting prices, and managing energy storage.

The product can predict the amount of energy that will be produced over a specified period of time, using historical data and weather forecasts for the next day, week, month, or year. This helps companies make informed decisions about energy production and purchasing.

Ogre AI is slowly but surely setting a standard for forecasting but also as an operational tool helping companies. Modules like demand forecast, anomaly detection, technical losses,or theft detection will help energy companies manage their business processes with a better outcome for them but also consumers.

Ogre’s need was to design a user-friendly interface that uses charts and tables to make it easy to understand and navigate. The solution has a friendly & intuitive design and is connected to numerous worldwide data sources to achieve optimal forecasting results.

Innovation within <br/> the energy industry
CEO Ogre.ai

Matei Stratan

By using our proprietary AI and ML algorithms developed by leading mathematicians and forecasters, we offer our services through a fully automated platform that helps our partners to generate more value from their activity.

Our focus is to become the first fully integrated energy management platform, providing deep insights to utilities for running their businesses more efficiently in the new digital era and for a more sustainable future.

We aim to provide advanced knowledge for very precise and informed financial decision making by synchronizing information from various production sources. Those include things such as demand, grid losses and asset management, theft detection, anomalies, market price forecasts, prosumers, and EV integrations.


Developers and designers, all understand the impact Ogre AI brings to the world, supporting renewable energy, cutting unnecessary costs, and solving a real problem in the energy market.

We are proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking and impactful project, which motivates us to give our best efforts on every task.

Ogre AI has raised €2M to apply AI in the service of energy management and is rapidly growing, with plans to expand its products both regionally and globally. We are excited to see the continued growth and success of Ogre AI in the industry.

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