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Benefits & perks

We take care of our team

Aside from the usual private medical insurance, work equipment, and 21+ days of vacation, our benefits also include:

Flexible schedule

A flexible schedule, as long as it benefits both parties.

Birthday day off

A day off for your birthday and how many emergency days you need.

Social events

Game nights, social events, trainings, and other activities throughout the year.

Team building

Amazing team building and rewards for people that go above and beyond.

Amazing rewards

Extra days off or a week of short working hours as recognition every time you’re going the extra mile.

Thank you bonus

A “Thank You” bonus when you turn 2 years in the company.

Private medical insurance

That you can access whenever you need.

Pink Day

a whole day dedicated to sharing and learning that we organize every month.

21 holiday days

+ extra days off for 1 or 8 March, International Mental Health Day, birthday off, and other days offered as a performance bonus.

Work environment

Flexibility: the core
of our culture

We are all human, and we all have needs, emergencies, and other responsibilities to tend to. With that in mind, we’ve created a culture based on flexibility and mutual understanding.

If you have an emergency and need to take a few hours off, you can do so, as long as you’re not blocking another team member and announcing it a few hours before. You can choose if you want to either catch up later or take it from your vacation days. Moreover, for people that are still studying or are taking a course to specialize in a niche, we can adapt the schedule to not interfere with their studies.

Therefore, if you happen to need a slightly different schedule, we can accommodate this. All you have to do is just mention it at the interview, and we will find a solution that suits everyone.

For example, during the pandemic, we opted for a more flexible schedule for parents, because their children were also at home and required their parents’ attention. We’ve also decided to opt for a hybrid type of work. But, if we find talented individuals from around Romania, we’re not stepping back from having them as our colleagues and working remotely.

Work environment

Staying close, even from a distance

We might not be Google, but we’re continuously striving towards ensuring a comfortable work environment, even from far away. Pink Days, surprise Wednesdays, days off, flying our remote colleagues to Iași headquarters to meet their colleagues in person, and many more.

We are a place where colleagues can grow and build their careers, actively contributing to our company’s objectives. Everyone is free to explore technologies, tools, and working processes that would better our collective work-life and share their views with management to be implemented.

Work environment

Not just a job, but a journey

We take pride in our culture and our values:

Professional and Personal Growth

We believe in growing and building a career in and with a company. Thus, we continuously invest in the professional growth of our team. We want our team members to get visibility when it comes to their expertise, and keep on expanding their knowledge and sharpening their skills. We encourage people to take courses and acquire certifications, we will also be willing to invest in them if they are useful for present or future projects.

We believe in our colleague’s capabilities and potential, and we believe that by investing in them, we’re investing in our company. After all, behind every successful business, is its employees.

Open positions

Become part of our
digital creative story

We’re continuously striving towards ensuring a comfortable work environment, even from far away. Grapefruit is a place where colleagues can grow and build their careers, actively contributing to our company’s objectives.

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Our clients

Building long-term relationships

At Grapefruit, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong, lasting partnerships with our clients (19 years+). We understand that success is not just about delivering great products or services - it's about building trust and collaboration over time.

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