Decades of Creative Solutions

Celebrating 24 Years of Digital Innovation with Grapefruit

As we mark our 24th anniversary, we at Grapefruit reflect on our journey that started in 1999. Our commitment to creating exceptional digital user experiences has been unwavering.

1999 2007

By 2007, we were seen as visionary leaders among digital agencies & within the branding domain.


We kicked off as one of Romania’s first digital hotshots, eager to chart new territories in digital creativity.


Diving into web development, we started translating complex business needs into sleek web solutions.


Our knack for tackling unique and intricate projects earned us a name for bold digital craftsmanship.


Spreading our wings, we opened the doors to our cozy Bucharest hub, bringing our digital flair closer to you.

2008 2016

By 2016, we were seen as the first agency in Romania specialized in UX/UI.


We evolved, shifting gears from branding to offering a full suite of digital services, embracing the digital age in full swing.


Innovation at its finest: We developed our first in-house revolutionary banking product.

Our crowning moment: Grapefruit became Romania’s most lauded digital agency on the international stage, a true testament to our team’s hard work and creative spirit.

A tough lesson - We navigated through our most challenging financial period, emerging more resilient and focused on the future.


With fresh energy and vision, Georgiana stepped in as CEO, steering us towards new horizons and opportunities.


A remarkable year, we celebrated an incredible 85% surge in turnover, reflecting our commitment to excellence and growth.

2017 2023

By 2023, we were seen as an End-to-End Digital Agency


We assembled our very first leadership dream team, ready to soar to new heights and steer the Grapefruit ship with fresh ideas and strategies.


Anca became a shareholder, infusing the company with her vibrant energy and vision.


We hit a growth spurt, doubling our Grapefruit family size, and embracing more brilliant minds into our fold.


We launched our own digital assessment tool, sharpening the digital prowess of businesses.

Plus, we began scouting for talent across 8 more cities, expanding our horizons.


We’re in the spotlight! Grapefruit has been nominated for a prestigious Global Award, a nod to our relentless drive for digital excellence.

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